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NEW Feature: “John Singer Sargent Watercolors”  collections of Brooklyn Museum & Boston Museum of Fine Arts

John Singer Sargent, Mountain Fire, c. 1906-08

John Singer Sargent, Mountain Fire, c. 1906-08


John Singer Sargent, Carrara, A Quarry, 1911

John Singer Sargent, Carrara, A Quarry, 1911


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British Watercolour Feature

“The Most Ambitious Exhibition About Watercolour Ever To Be Staged With Works Spanning 800 Years”  

This is how the Tate Britain described its expansive exhibition, which was simply titled “Watercolour.”


Since the Tate characterizes this show as the most ambitious exhibition about watercolour, this is a good starting place for looking at a wide range of works from early history to our contemporary time.  It is worth examining how the curators have organized the categories and made the selections.  It is also interesting to see how the show was received.

To get started, just go to British Watercolours.

Anish Kapoor, Untitled 1990,Tate-Watercolour

 Watercolour Tate Britain

Categories for the Exhibition:

  • The Natural World
  • Intimate Knowledge
  • Travel and Topography
  • Watercolour and War
  • Inner Vision
  • The Exhibition Watercolour
  • Abstraction and Improvisation
  • Water + Colour: Exploring the Medium
Categories: The Tate exhibition is organized into eight categories.  It starts off with a look at what is called The Natural World, exploring early botanical illustrations rendered in the aqueous media.  Then comes work organized under the term Intimate Knowledge. Travel and Topography introduces works including many artists from the Golden Age of Watercolour as well as contemporary artists working in this genre. The Watercolour and War category illuminates the use of the facility of the medium in times of turmoil and unrest.  The Inner Vision grouping explores the personal visual expressions of yet another group of artists. The Exhibition Watercolour is explored as a result of several organizations of artists, whose exhibitions became prominent in British history.  Abstraction and Improvision provides yet another format, and finally a group called Water + Colour: Exploring the Medium yields various approaches to the use of the medium.

To read descriptions for the specific groups and see some of the selections in these categories, go to Watercolour Documentation.



“A macaque, drawn by an anonymous 19th-century Cantonese artist, is one of the most beautiful and alive things here. The wide-eyed monkey stares back at us, as puzzled and curious as we are of it.” Adrian Searle guardian.co.uk
 Lion-haired macaque (c1820s) by an anonymous Chinese school artist

Lion-haired macaque (c1820s) by an anonymous Chinese school artist

NOTE: As we write about the medium, the spelling may vary depending on context: Watercolor (US) or Watercolour (UK and Commonwealth), also Aquarelle from French.